Monday 24 October 2011

Peter playing in the bed (Hotel Comfort, Ludwigsburg)

    On the first day morning of my staying in Ludwigsburg I nicely made my bed in the hotel. In the afternoon I noticed that the Room service wasn't satisfied with it and they changed the bedding in THEIR way.
    So I was wondering how would they react if I'd do some silly compositions using the pillow and blanket day after day – well as you can see quite the same...
It was a nice way of visual communication between me and the room service. I hope they enjoyed it too.

Sunday 23 October 2011

My first COMIC

I've been studying animation since 4 years, and before that I studied graphic design for another 4 years...
So after 8 years of drawing, illustrating and making animated films I drew my first comic for the birthday of a friend of mine Endre, and right after that I drew the second one to another friend Pityu... (It's in Hungarian so sorry if you don't understand it - but I hope the images will be enough)